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Tom Saunders

B.A. (Hons) Digital Media

  • 14 years experience
  • Adobe Suite sufficient
  • 3D Model Animator
  • If I'm not working I'm usually walking, watching Dr Who or playing video games. I also train in Martial Arts - I have a 2nd Dan black belt in Karate and undertake Sword Fighting lessons. I spend my spare time with my wife and chinchillas.

    How I work

    From storyboard to final film.

    Ideas / Concept

    First let’s talk it over, skype, phone, email or face to face.


    Pick a day and a time and I will sort the rest.

    Post Production

    Animate, edit, 3D model, motion graphics…whatever you need.


    Finished product and a happy client!


    From Storyboard to final project...

    I work closely with clients all throughout the production process. Below are my main specialist skills I offer within video production.


    The technology and capabilities of film cameras is always expanding but knowing exactly what you need for your purposes can be a bit tricky when so much is available. Over the years I have worked with a whole range of video cameras for multiple end purposes including.

    • Broadcast
    • Social media
    • Internal communications
    • Cinema screen

    Motion Graphics
    and Animation

    Incorporating motion graphics allows you to achieve things which may not have been otherwise possible and tailor them specific to reflect your vision and brand. When other video content is limited or not an option Motion Graphics is the perfect tool to help tell your story. Motion Graphics is perfect for:

    • Online promotion
    • Social media content
    • TV commercials
    • Internal communications
    • Title sequences

    3D and

    Whether you are looking to showcase a product or have an entire world built from nothing, 3D modelling has limitless possibilities. I have built entire sets of the London Underground to Time Machines. Models can be built from scratch or if you have something specific in mind, I am happy to look and see what we can build together. 3D models can be:

    • Logos
    • Set designs
    • Products
    • Design
    • Anything you could imagine


    Working with a green allows some truly creative possibilities which can be incorporated into any of the other services. This can allow someone to enter a custom-built 3D set, incorporate branding assets for backgrounds or be incorporated into motion graphics videos.


    — From start to finish —


    Keep In Touch

    Leeds City Centre
    West Yorkshire, United Kingdom